Vassiliki is a graduate of the University Of Ioannina(Greece), school of Modern Greek Language she has also studied Philosophy and Education. . She has specialised in  Byzantine writing (Papyrology) and calligraphy and she has attended seminars from Harvard University on Social Anthropologly and Linguistic and spent some months at the college of "Holy Cross". She is the General Secretary of the Union of Writers and Literary Association o fLarissa and  she is  a proud member of U.P.L.I. due to her poem entitled "Decision of Duty".  Vasiliki has written two alligorical tales for children and grown-ups "A real fairy tale only for 'princes' " and "the Knight and the Rose" . She is also a speaker and  Lecturer on Philosophy and Motivational issues about Pedagogy and self empowerment and has served on the committee  of  three poetic congresses. She is a literary researcher and analyst on Aristotle,Plato,Socrates,Heraclitus,Homer,Sophocles,Ypatia,St.Francis of Assisi,Seferis,N.Kazantzakis,J.Ritsos,Ang.Sikelianos,K.Kavafis,N.Gatsos,Od.Elytis,N.Vrettakos,K.Varnalis,G.Ioannou,N.Kavvadias,M.Chakas, J.Eligia,Kh.Gibran,Osho,C.Castaneda,P.Nerouda,M.J.Rumi. She writes articles in magazines and newspapers(such as "Eleftheria","Spiritual Larissa","New Ariadne","Deucalion",f/b pages->"Motivational Training"). She won the First prize  at the Panhellenic poetic contest in the memory of the poet Angelos Sikelianos(1996) with the poem titled"Peace",held in Salamina(Greece).  Vassiliki is a translator of literature from English and Spanish into Greek. She runs seminars worldwide on Pedagogy and Self empowerment Motivation through Philosophy combined with Sosciological referrances.